Galaxy Buds 2 Review: most effective noise cancelling earbuds.

Galaxy Buds 2 Review most effective

Galaxy Buds 2 Review: most effective noise cancelling earbuds.


Galaxy Buds 2 Review: most effective noise cancelling earbuds.


Galaxy buds 2 provide best noise cancelling option with affordable price. But there has I little flaws.


Samsung introduced a number of new devices during its Unpacked August 2021 event, including the hotly anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 was also made public. With many of the same capabilities as its more costly sister, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 arrived at a significantly lower price point of $149.


This means that you can expect effective ANC, top-notch audio, straightforward controls, and unique listening modes in a practical and cheap package. It also requires fixing some of the present issues with the series, like a constrained feature set and inadequate battery life.


Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Design and Usability


This pair of buds’ names would lead you to believe they have the same appearance as the original, however they don’t. The Galaxy Buds 2 adopts the longer, low-profile design of the Galaxy Buds Pro, but with smaller mic holes, no tiny speaker grille, and less high-end craftsmanship. The Galaxy Buds Pro has an oval shape with reflective, triangular touch pads. The Galaxy Buds 2 have a simple plastic body with a matte finish, in contrast to the Galaxy Buds Pro’s rubberized plastic and polished metal instruments.


Additionally, these headphones have an IPX2 certification rather than the Galaxy Buds Pro’s IPX7 certification. In other words, they are neither splash- or sweat-proof but can withstand small drops of water. We do not advise using them while running or in the hot tub.


The charging case that resembles a clamshell was retained by Samsung. Galaxy buds 2 & This was a wise choice because it is among the category’s most portable designs and feels remarkably light in your hands and pockets. The plastic frame is sturdy, but it is readily scratched and scuffed, and the magnetic cap is powerful to keep the buds in place.


I discovered that the Galaxy Buds 2 offered a more snug fit than the first model. When moving around the house, the tips’ tight seal kept the buds contained. Even though I questioned its authenticity, the Galaxy Wearable app includes an Earbud Fit Test to help you choose the optimum fit. The program gave me the identical results when I tried on all three different-sized ear tips, which raised a red flag in terms of accuracy because it evaluated my ears a whole lot faster than other ear tip fit tests: decent fit.

Galaxy Buds 2 Review Specs


Galaxy buds colors   : Lavender, Graphite, Olive, and White

Battery life (rated)    : 7.5 hours without ANC, 20 hours with it (20 hours without)

  (29 hours with charging case)

Bluetooth version      : 5.2’s connectivity

Processor                    : Unspecified

Size                             : 1.9 × 2.0 x 1.1 inches, or 0.7 x 0.8 x 0.8 (per bud) (charging case)

  0.2 ounces in weight (per bud)


Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Active noise cancelling


According to Samsung, ANC “cuts external background noise by up to 98%.” I’m not sure how this was measured, but based on my ears and years of trying noise-cancelling headphones, I would estimate that this proportion is closer to 85%. This is less expensive than ANC heavyweights like the Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds and the Sony WF-1000XM4 and comparable to the Air Pods Pro.


However, the Galaxy Buds 2 manages to reduce annoying noises fairly well. I was able to concentrate while blocking out frequent distractions like blaring TVs and chatty family members. The droning sounds emanating from our central air conditioner and laundry room also went unreported.


Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Audio quality


Clear was ideal for harmonic songs like Silk Sonic’s “Skate,” which emphasized the vocals of Anderson. Paak and Bruno Mars while delicately handling the percussion to preserve the uplifting speed of the production. Switching to Bass Boost, Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” began with a distorted guitar riff that had an impact, but it was the hard-hitting 808 drum pattern that sumo-splashed my eardrums and caused me to bob my head rhythmically. Even though this sounded amazing, I liked the album better in Normal since it had a stronger midrange; the rising synths were loud and stunning.


In fact, because of Normal’s powerful overall tone, you’re likely to continue with it. When the bass line from songs like Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” was strung, the terrific reverberation produced by the buds’ strong low end made my hair stand up. Highs are also widely covered, with jazz masterpieces being the best examples of this. The hi-hats on Kenny Burrell’s “Midnight Blue” sounded incredibly clear and detailed, but the buds’ frequency range wasn’t fully revealed until I heard low-fi classics like Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang’s “Black and Blue Bottom.” It was amazing to hear the clear, bright violin playing over the static-heavy background.



The Galaxy Buds 2 continue Samsung’s tradition of producing high-quality audio products. These tiny in-ears have AKG-tuned drivers that produce lively, detailed sound that can be altered using the Equalizer feature of the Galaxy Wearable app. Normal (the default), Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear, and Treble Boost are the six presets that can be chosen. When combined with the appropriate musical genre, each of these functions effectively.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Apps and unique features


The Galaxy Wearable app gives you access to a number of functions. You must download it along with the Galaxy Buds 2 plug-in if you haven’t already. When you open the app, you are met with the user guide, toggle controls, Find My Earbuds setting, and all the other capabilities under the Settings tab. The aforementioned Bixby voice wake-up feature is just one of these. Equalizer, Earbuds Fit Test, Gaming Mode, and Accessibility are also included.


Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Call clarity and connectivity


The Galaxy Buds 2 is a disappointing step down from the Galaxy Buds Pro as a calling headset. The more recent set of earbuds, according to Samsung, has a “machine learning-based approach” that reduces background noise for crisper calls. I’m not sure if the Galaxy Buds 2 need to be broken in, but after four days and numerous voice and video calls, nothing seemed to have changed. The microphones pick up a lot of background noise, particularly wind, which my wife claimed made her ears hurt. In quieter outdoor settings, the buds didn’t function any better; muffling complaints were frequent.


The missus entered and noticed that the call quality had improved slightly but not much.


Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Touch controls and digital helper


The Galaxy Buds 2’s tap/hold gestures, motion recognition, and digital assistance comprise its control system. Swipe gestures function better for playback than tapping input, which only works around 70% of the time. Other models make multi-tap gestures available out of the box; for some strange reason, you have to enable them in the app.


The Galaxy Buds 2 have a redesigned mechanism for on-ear detection. To auto-pause, you must take both of your earbuds out. You cannot just take one out. I only experienced that issue with the feature, though. The other two were that it doesn’t automatically play when you put the earbuds back in your ears and that there is a 2-second delay in operation.


Review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Battery life and carrying case



With ANC on, Samsung estimates battery life to last 5 hours and 7.5 hours, respectively. This is only a slight advantage over the AirPods Pro (4.5 hours) and significantly less than the WF-1000XM4 when comparing ANC playtimes (8 hours). The 20-hour charging case is even more disappointing because it falls short of the 24-hour industry standard set by the AirPods/AirPods Pro charging case. However, let’s be honest: you probably bought them to use ANC as much as possible. Not using ANC increases use to 29 hours.

Let’s see below table about galaxy buds 2 Advantages and disadvantages





+      Dynamic, programmable sound

   Average battery life but not very good.

+      ANC satisfaction

   Lack of advanced features

+      Excellent fit and comfort

   Inadequate call quality

+      Added features provided by the Galaxy Wearable app

   Less pricey than previous iterations of the design

+      Two techniques for wireless charging


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