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Always we get more and more interesting information and technology devices for the future. Always it’s coming with a new feature we are seeing a lot of changes in our technology world. One of the most changes in telecommunication side like Smartphone. Best upcoming smartphone 2022 in Dubai will be the best place to buy a new smartphone. Nowadays every mobile company is updating their mobile phone with new featured like camera, storage, screen display, powerful hard drive, size, communication apps, and sports-related functions, etc.

We are going to share some important information about the upcoming smartphones in 2022. Everybody knows our world technology is growing up rapidly and it makes our life easy and smart. What are the changes in smartphone technology in 2022 we will give you some review to check and get some knowledge of information? The last 5 years were the turning point of the technology industry and the most special telecommunication industry (mobile, smartphone) in the world.

Huge changes in mobile or smartphones during this time period where we used to dream about notch-less smartphones before 7 to 9 years. And now dreams are the reality

World best mobile companies are working to make something new and different from any other company to show unique devices.

One of the top mobile company Apple changed their smartphone by implementing a notch, on the other hand, another best company Samsung implemented a foldable device with a screen.

A lot of devices are waiting to be published as soon as possible and we will show you some reviews of the upcoming smartphone. There is top mobile company are already proved themselves to make the unique device.

China manufactures are making many quality devices 1st, 2nd and 3rd also. They know very much to reach their manufacturers mobile to third world country because all the mobile phone users are not able to buy a high cost that’s why they make a cheap device with low quality and same featured.

Now, most of the chinses companies like Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, have been able to make goodwill of Smartphone lovers.

In this review, we are going to share the top and best upcoming mobile for the upcoming year 2022.

All the smartphones are under the mid-range and flagship segment to be packed with huge innovations and unique designs.

Let’s get started…..

Best Upcoming smartphone 2022 with the best quality.

Find out the best smartphone


iPhone 14 Series


iPhone is the best company in the world and the most demanding phone on the planet. Every people who are using the phone they are always crazy to buy Apple phone.


We get a lot of devices from apple in the last 6 to 7 years and all are the mobile awesome and long-lasting to use. They are started unique and adopting a new design from iPhone 6 series to the iPhone 10 as a bezel-less notch display. That trend is still continuing with iPhone 12, 13 series.

Now, this device comes with a different type of screen setup with the same design, and it now has no notch display than the previous series.

This phone has a rumored 120 Hz pro motion display which is really stunning update from the previous series.

This iPhone has a fingerprint scanner on the glass screen, if the display is cracked or broken and need to replace it then touch id will be disabled,

This series has 4 design models device there are iPhone 14, iPhone 14 mini, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 pro max.

This series phone will be massively powerful and Apple update Bionic chip A16. It will be run iOS 15 and huge camera improvements, night mode sensor with better zooming capabilities.

iPhone 13 has a portrait videos mode which blurs the background and focuses particular subjects in photos will be in video mode.

This phone will have shooting capabilities 8k, ability to record videos Prores format high quality, lossy video compression of apple.

Post-production movie or video making up to 8k resolution.

Massive camera update as per the report of these phones is really good improved from the previous series.

Publish date is expected to be in September 2022.


world Best Upcoming smartphone 2022 with the best quality every smartphone lover can choose.


Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra

Samsung galaxy note line is game over and galaxy note 21 will be never come again. Next-generation note phone has been torpedoed by Samsung’s looking to foldable flagship phones.

Samsung galaxy S22 ultra

But the galaxy note DNA is set for life with the Samsung galaxy s22 line. Galaxy s22 ultra will replacement for note phones.

  1. Big screen best phone – then galaxy note.
  2. Galaxy S22 ultra vs. galaxy note 20 ultra-face off.
  3. iPhone 14 is tipped to get a lot of storage.

Galaxy S21 ultra came up with S pen support and a quad-camera array. Now more about the next-generation galaxy series whole in that the rumored trio of Galaxy S22 mobile phones is offering to users a slightly larger display/extra camera.

Let’s talk more about some requirements.

S Pen holder built-in

Galaxy s21 ultra offers S pen support but an optional case. But galaxy S22 Ultra will come with a proper S Pen holder.

Galaxy S21 is the contour cut design with rectangular shape, galaxy note 20 ultra gently curved edges, both are very comfortable to take and hold. When you hold this phone you will feel just like a small Samsung TV in your hand, not a mobile.

Again micro SD card slot

Galaxy S22 ultra phone will come with a micro SD card slot so that storage could be increased. Usually, 256GB of storage is fine but if you want to get a premium phone with more and many features as possible, why not expandable storage on your list.

Power of S22 ultra

Galaxy s21 ultra phone lack power but that phone would get a boosted chipset/improved cooling with there’s series. Galaxy S 22 ultra-add cooling or chipset and galaxy S22 ultra give you serious workhorse power.

Top upcoming smartphones in 2022 in Dubai

Variety of leaks galaxy S22 use of Exynos 2200 chip with Graphics AMD based. A pseudo-Xbox gaming phone with potentially covered.

Samsung galaxy note 22 ultra-squared design


Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft surface dua 2 looks to right some original dual-screen wrongs modernizing phones specs. The aging processor has gone and replaced the current snapdragon 888. Singles lens with multi-camera double duty for both selfies and sweeping vistas.


Microsoft surface duo 2 specs: screen size dual 5.3 inch AMOLED 1344×1892 with 8.3-inch full-screen mode 2688×1892. Ram of this phone 8 GB, Snapdragon 888. Storage will be 128,256,512 GB,

Rear camera 12MP wide, 16 MP ultrawide,12 telephotos with optical zoom.

Front camera 12 MP.

Battery 4449mAh, phone size 5.7×3.6×0.43 inches closed when open 5.7xo.21 inches. Weight is 10 ounces.


Surface duo features have two glass panels that come together on pairs located at the top & bottom. Edges are so smooth, you can place your thumbs on both side duo and pull apart once it open and another is hinges keep in place on the screen. That is very flexible to open in a different position, it will be 5 generation connectivity. 



iPhone SE 2 plus

Apple company may be discontinued of mini-series and also they will not launch the iPhone 14 mini. Mini-phone is expensive but sales volumes are low, that’s why they will launch apple SE model for the budget-friendly.

iPhone se 2 plus neogadgete

This phone will be powered by an A14 Bionic chip and Hexa-core processor fabricated on 5n, a process with excellent performance.

It will 5G iPhone. iPhone SE will be an existing design with a Touch ID button and Retina HD 4.3 display.

Red Hydrogen Two

The upcoming smartphone is a famous one RED with a fantastic camera for making a video camera that offers very incredible subject details and science of color that no one has like this.

This company is offering another one Red hydrogen 2 but 1st one red hydrogen 1 was a failure in this smartphone industry.

Jim Jannard’s mobile phone company is planning to revolution another mobile with a photography camera in the new phone it will be Red cinema cameras.

red-hydrogen-best-mobile-neogadgete..jpg November 1, 2021
Red hydrogen 2 best camera-neogadgete.

Red hydrogen 2 phones will come with a Triple Rear camera and two front Cameras for selfies. Its Aspect ratio dis

play will Modern 19:9 with quad HD resolution and android Q 10.0 software will be run.

Power will be Qualcomm snapdragon 855 Processor, Adreno 640 GPU.

8 GB ram with 256 GB of storage, battery capacity is mammoth 4000 mAH.


Best Upcoming smartphone 2022 in Dubai you will get the best price from other countries.

Best Upcoming Smartphone launch with Top 8 features in 2021-2022

  • SD 870 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Processor
  • Dual Front Cameras and Triple/Quad Rear Cameras
  • Up to 108 Megapixels Cameras
  • Improved AI and (MLC) Machine Learning Capabilities.
  • Upgrade from 4G to 5G Support
  • Display Panels 120 Hz or 144 Hz.
  • Faster In-display Fingerprint Scanners and Cameras.
  • In-Display Selfie Cameras.
  • Faster Charging 50 Watts up to 120 Watts.
Hope you have enjoyed very much reading the review post if you have any questions or any comments please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or any suggestions then put them below in the comments section I will feedback as soon as possible.

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