Google pixel fold phone 5G in 2023

Google Pixel Fold 5 G

Update News about google pixel fold phone 5G with price, features, release date, and more
Rumored Google pixel fold which might be the search giant’s initial folding smartphone, had been tipped to arrive in this year. However, we could be in a longer wait because the folding device did not seem aboard alongside pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro when those smartphones launched. It means maybe pixel-fold phone will not come until 2022-if it shows in any respect.


It would add up for google to return out with foldable smartphones are a growing section of the market. Still, we have not detected too many details of pixel fold. But excluding a claim that the device can feature an enormous 7.6” screen/display

Update news about google pixel fold phone 5G (5th November 2021)

1. It may have a super main camera, with front-facing sensors
2. Google has disclosed Android 12L, with a large display as a foldable smartphone in this android 12 feature.




Release date
Google pixel fold release date is not confirmed this year. Pixel 6 was released this year and we left the wondering year 2021 it is not possible to release this device.
Senior Director David Naranjo supply chain consultant suggests that pixel-fold smartphones will be arriving in 2021. Evan Blass also shares the pixel fold will come out this year. He didn’t clear more specifics.
But google advertise on youtube they are promoting google apps are work with Samsung’s new phone which is foldable.

About the price of google pixel fold

while everybody appears to be pinpointing the late 2021 publication for this phone. But less certain what is the price will be for the google pixel fold. Even we did not hear about the potential price of pixel fold price.
By the way, the Samsung galaxy z fold 3 is a high-cost foldable phone you can buy it cost AED 5464. Motorola Razr 5G price is AED 4999  and galaxy z flip 3 prices 3563.

Google pixel fold design
About the Google design for this phone fold will come largely. One such patent shows a tool that opens on a hinge to reveal a bigger screen, with the flexibility to slip out.
Designer Waqar Khan’s concept design an external screen that will open upside to revealing a bigger display just like the fold.

Specs and cameras
This is the first-pixel phone foldable which one set to come in 2022. Google pixel fold phone does not have the same camera sensors as pixel 6 & pixel 6 Pro. One of the best changes for the pixel phone this year was in the camera site. Where usually googles phone would make amends for obsolete camera hardware with actually spectacular software packages and machine learning enhancements, pixel 6 and 6 pro bring up to date to a 50MP rear camera. On the far side is a budget metric of MP (megapixels). Samsung GN1sensing element within the pixel 6 series is materially larger, which is permits additional lightweight and more subject-detailed photos.

According to info, APK insight team discloses the upcoming release of the Google camera app in a foldable Pixel phone. Codenamed “pipit”. Google pixel fold will be the exact same 12.2MP IMX363 used from pixel 3 evidently as the main sensor of the phone. This is not clear what is actually changed. Pipit foldable will 12MP IMX386 sensor that is just like pixel 6 and used for the ultra-wide camera.
Finally, we can piece together, this phone will have four camera sensors

  1. IMX363 main camera with 12.2MP
  2.  IMX386 ultra-wide camera 12MP
  3. IMX355 front cameras’ two sensors are 8MP inner and outer display.

Software of google pixel fold

Google pixel fold will be the 1st one the build its own software. Google worked with Samsung closely to make their own apps for foldable screens. Android 11 is properly worked with foldable devices, for more updates they will use Android 12 which would be a better advantage vast screen available for multi-task options just like the taskbar, and multi-window.
We can solely hope that this purposes to a really reasonable price point for the Google pixel fold. It’s exhausting to envision Google returning to its previous ways in which with what ought to be a good additional premium phone.

google pixel fold phone 5G 2023
google pixel fold phone 5G 2023

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