Lenovo XT90 Bluetooth Earphone The Best Real Sound

Lenovo XT90 Review – Best Low-Cost Earphone Under 50 AED

Lenovo XT90 Review – Best Low-Cost Earphone Under 50 AED

One of the most famous and best products Lenovo XT90 Bluetooth Earphone budget headphones, at this time we are going to Review the best earbuds with the best budget. we have a new upgrade for budget earbuds one of these products is Lenovo XT90. Better hardware with the best features.

its have a noise-canceling system to make calls without interruption with 13 mm dynamic drivers. and 5.0 chip to transmit a flawless connection. this earphone will give you 20h battery time. You will get all this in one place for under 50 AED.

it means a competitor to Haylou GT7 that gives you a good feeling about their capabilities so stay with me for more details.


Lenovo XT90 Bluetooth Earphone
Lenovo XT90 Bluetooth Earphone

Lenovo XT90 Earbud Features

  • Battery life 20 Hours
  • Dynamic Driver 13 mm
  • Noise Cancelling
  • V5.0 Chips Bluetooth
  • Low latency
  • Waterproof IP54

Charging Case

Lenovo wireless earbuds are simple and the best Design, for the charging case, has a famous Design an oval square, small, weight is not exceeding 50gm,  its Black and white glossy plastic with Lenovo Logo printed on the charging case.


Lenovo XT90 earbuds
Lenovo XT90 earbuds

It has a long slit in the middle of the charging case to open the case which is built-in magnetic for easy opening and closing. there is a place for an earphone with an automatic charging start. There has a LED Indicator that indicates battery condition.

But the bottom of the charging case is oval that’s why you will not able to put it standing and there has a type c Charging port.

lenovo xt90 earpods type c port
Lenovo xt90 earphone type c port

Lenovo XT90 Earphones

Let us go to the elegant, Lenovo XT90 wireless earphone with a Black and Glossy Design that is of the best quality. The shape is around 3.5 only that’s very comfortable with the ear and has soft silicone ear tips with a hole that’s very relieved inside the earphone. It can be a balance in and outdoor pressure.

Lenovo XT90 Review – Best Low-Cost Earphone Under 50 AED
Lenovo XT90 Earphone Bud

also have L & R Signs are printed on the headphone grip for the select left and right ears. magnetic charging contact nearby microphone attends slot for the clear sound in the calling time. its helps to cancel the noise on the outside of the earphone, which is also separate between human voice and noise.

Lenovo XT90 Review – Best Low-Cost Earphone Under
Lenovo XT90 Review

Touch Control Panel

The earphone touch panel control is located at the top of the earphone handle with an LED Light, touch control is very responsive and sensitive.

  • Single-touch to attend the call or call end.
  • For the next Track just touch the right earbud Triple time and the left earbud to the previous track.
  • Ignore the call just touch the earbud for 1.5 sec.
  • For voice assistant triple touch.
lenovo xt90 bluetooth earbud
Lenovo xt90 Bluetooth earbud

Lenovo XT90 waterproof

Lenovo XT 90 Bluetooth earbud is waterproof and has IPx54, so they are protected from sweat and rain. That’s why these earbuds are not uncomfortable.

How to use Lenovo XT90 with a smartphone 

Lenovo XT90 Bluetooth earbud is offered to you with strong compatibility with both Android and Ios Devices with 5.0 Bluetooth technology for stable & powerful transmission, smooth connection with high sound quality. You can enjoy the music up to 10m distance smartphone to Lenovo XT90 Earbud.

The pairing is the same with any wireless earbuds, you have to open the charging case and take out the earbuds and the earbuds will be turned on automatically after that open the Bluetooth interface of the smartphone, and the Device name will be Lenovo XT90 will be recognized. The first time connects with manually after that It will be connected automatically.

how to connect bluetooth earphone

Quality of Sound

The Lenovo XT90 earphone has nice stereo sound bass, well sound, and mid-high sound to deliver perfect performance in the full range with better sound. excellent quality, dynamic units size 13 mm steel reinforcement with a dynamic driver. that’s why the Lenovo XT90 earbud provided a clear natural sound of pop, rock, and other rhythms.

Lenovo XT90 Bluetooth Earphone.
Lenovo XT90 Bluetooth Earphone.

Call Quality

One of the best Bluetooth earphones Lenovo XT90 that is provided noise reduction Technology with responsible for microphones on each speaker. There has a noise reduction hole at the top that is responsible for capturing environmental noise while using the internal digital signal processing algorithm for reducing the background noise at the time of calls to clear sound.

Lenovo XT90 Bluetooth earphone. 1

Lenovo XT90 Battery 

The Lenovo XT90 Battery charging case is a built-in 300mAh li-polymer battery, it provides additional 20 hours of playback, that’s great.

when putting the earphone inside the charging case, it automatically enters the charging state. the charging case itself can be recharged for 2 hours, then the earbud can be charged 3 to 4 times with a 35mAh battery capacity, which you can use for 3-4 hours in a single charger at full charge.

standby time will be up to 40 hours.


finally, if you want to know about the Lenovo XT90 is worth buying? this is a good investment with the combination of the best sound quality dynamic drivers and elegant design. that satisfies the sound quality of sound lovers.

Price and where to buy

The Lenovo XT90 is available in the mobile shop at a good price. you can also buy it from amazon.com. So don’t miss out on this great price deal.

lenovo XT90 bluetooth earphone
Lenovo XT90 Bluetooth earphone


    • Headphone Lenovo XT90
    • Charging Box
    • Charging Cable Type C
    • Ear Tips silicone
    • Manual instruction

      lenovo XT90 package
      Lenovo XT90 package

Specification of XT 90 Bluetooth Earphone

    1. Brand and Model – Lenovo XT90
    2. Colors – Black and White
    3. Wearing Style – In-ear
    4. Materials – ABS+PC
    5. MicroPhone – Have
    6. Bluetooth – V5.0
    7. Supported profile – HSP/HFP/AVRCP/A2DP
    8. Audio Decoding – AAC
    9. Distance Transmission – 33 feet (10M)
    10. Response of Frequency – 20-20kHz
    11. Battery – 35mAh*2
    12. Charging Box – 300 mAh
    13. Time of Charging – 1 Hour
    14. Play Music – 2-3 Hours
    15. Standby time – 300 hours
    16. Charging port – Type C
    17. Waterproof – IP54

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